Our Story

The land that makes up Castle View Farm and Stables and its surroundings has been owned by the Uppal family for the past 14 years.  The stables are home to the families 2 horses; Toby and Marianna who have a very peaceful life and are disturbed only by the 5 hens that can be found clucking around.  The farm is made up of cows, pigs and sheep and with the arrival of over 100 lambs in the spring, the family is ever expanding.     

Meet The Animals

Oxford Sandy and Blacks

Our favourite animals on the farm are our gorgeous pigs that we’ve had since tiny little piglets.  The OSAB is one of the oldest British Rare bred pigs and is most loved for its gleaming golden coat and overtly friendly nature, making them the perfect pet for small children or ideal for the novice pig keeper.  Bob, Norman, Pumpkin, Kanye, Tiger and Cookie make up our family of pigs and they couldn’t be more perfect.  Norman recently became the proud first time mother of 4 adorable piglets and what a great Mum she is.

Cheviot and Suffolk Cross

Castle view is home to two different breeds of sheep, the Cheviot Cross Mules produce a hybrid combination which is high in performance and the Suffolk Cross Mules are known for their all-round characteristics.  Belinda and Freckles are our most loved sheep for their kind nature and pretty faces.  Belinda is actually our first ever lamb to be born on the farm and was a complete surprise to everyone as we were not expecting any lambs the year she was born, so who knows how that happened. 

Belted Galloway

The Belted Galloway is often referred to as a ‘rare breed’ but is more affectionately known as the ‘oreo cow’, due to their striking monochrome stripe.  Our ‘Beltie’ friends originated in the harsh upland climate of the Galloway hills in beautiful south west Scotland.  Their gentle nature and their calm, friendly disposition with humans makes them a firm favourite amongst hobby farmers.  We currently have a herd of 19 of these beauties here at Castle View who we adore very much.

Boer Goat

Our newest addition to the farm are our 2 mischievous madams Gerti and Gandhi who are in fact Boer goats. The Boer goat is a breed of goat that was developed in South Africa in the early 1900s for meat production. However due to their large size and laid-back personalities, these docile goats are now known as "gentle giants” and are considered to make great pets as they get on with kids and other animals alike. Our 2 inquisitive ladies got to us on Christmas day and they have settled in to farm life extremely well.

Castle View Stables

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